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Logo Design

Generally speaking, logo, is one of your corporate identity’s indispensable elements which reflects the identity of your product or your brand, which transfers the perception which you want to give to the other side in the shortest and most accurate way. Logo design bears the representative nature of the company or brand at every step of the branding process. Personally, before I start designing the logo, I absolutely make a field research, I make a good analysis of the competitors and I try to take the right path by concentrating on the main idea that we want to bring forward.

Either small or big, from textiles to sports clubs, every organization has a logo.  Since customers often perceive logo as an institutional brand, they tend to buy the product of the logo which they know and are familiar with. Therefore, logo is not only an icon but also an important aspect of branding. Like all professional designers in this regard, I also think that brand-logo relationship is an integral whole.

One of the things that is needed for a catchy logo is the simplicity and the correct color usage.  A logo which is unique, which is reflecting the characteristics of the institution to be represented and which is compatible with the sector or product with its colors, gives confidence to its consumers. Since each color has its own characteristic,  the colors to be used in the design should be consciously preferred rather than randomly selected. Since every detail in logo design has its own importance and the originality and the colors of the design are the things highlighting the logo, it is not a professional approach to prefer random or popular colors.

With our experience after completing 21 years in the sector, we designed logo and corporate identity for more than 300 companies and we enable them to get a good place in the sector and we support their success. We will also be happy to see you in this family...

Nowadays, as branding and logo are among the indispensable elements, to make a catchy logo design with creativity is seen as a first step. Many companies, organizations and even country administrations aim to find the best designers for logos to be the face of important works and often organize various competitions to find the ideal logo. All of this is an indication of how important the logo is now.

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