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Bilal Yaldırak, Grafik Tasarım
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Graphic Design

Graphic design is generally designed to convey the desired message to the intended audience in visual or in written ways. For all the work which is a continuation of the corporate identity, it should be fictionalized correctly and successfully, in a graphic sense, distant from remarkable monotonous and stationary, which does not disturb the corporate line of the company.

In the design process, firstly detailed information is obtained about the subject and a main theme is created before the design by establishing a professional team on its own issues. Where necessary, special photo or film shoots are organized, appropriate images are rented with copyrights according to the design and budget, after the desired work has been established it is ensured that the completed design is correctly completed by providing the necessary technical support during the printing or publishing stage.

Brief Reception

Detailed information about the desired work is taken.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzes of competitors in the sector.

Data Collection

Information about the details to be used in the design is collected.

Design Process

The most suitable design is prepared with all the data.

Problem Recognition

In case of incorrectly created designs, the problem is diagnosed.

Finding a Solution

The solution is created by deciding the right step.


Design revisions are applied and finalized.


The final version of the design is evaluated in the finest detail.
Graphic design is the art of visual communication. If giving the desired message is a problem, the design is the solution to this problem. Typography is included in the color selection, target audience analysis, solution and design process...

Logo, business card, poster, billboard, press declaration, packaging, magazine, book, tshirt, dangler, rollup, calendar, brochure, mug etc… It is just an example of the category of graphic design, the aim of the graphic designer is to design these materials in such a way that communication and, if necessary, aesthetic quality will be at the highest level. You can also create an appropriate worklist for your needs, and contact us for detailed information.

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