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Packaging Design

Packaging design is like an outfit which enables the product stand out from its competitors and which makes the product exist. The more successful a package is designed, the more it attracts its target mass. Although the main reason for packaging is to protect the product from external influences and keep it fresh, in the competitive market, packaging meets design and becomes an advertising and marketing tool. While the packaging protects the product against damages, impacts, getting wet and falls, at the same time it introduces the presence of the product in it with its design and makes it say ”I am here.”.

Because the thing that makes the product sound is the packaging design, at this point the designer must be full of innovative and correct ideas. In my packaging designs which I created so far, I tried to make designs which will lead the product to the forefront and stand out in front of competing products, which will cause people to be selective in their perceptions. When doing these things, it is necessary to investigate the product characteristics, history, customer profile and competitors well. At the end of such a research, a healthy and successful packaging design can be produced.

One of the most important elements in packaging design is the color choice. Selecting the colors that will motivate the potential buyer and making color analysis to direct them to buy will make the design successful. The colors used can show the packaging vivid, cheerful, warm and energetic but at the same time it can create cold, negative, bad feelings. For this reason, the visuals, patterns, fonts and most important colors used in packaging design should be selected according to target group and combined with design in a proper way.

According to the research, the time spend by the consumer to decide to buy the product when he saw it is 3 seconds, to make emotional connection with the customer in this short time and to make them choose you, shows the power of an accurate packaging design.

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